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T451 Needle Non Thrust Roller Bearings

Model Number T451
Min.Order Quantity 1 pcs
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Product Features

M268749- - - - - 12 mm37 mm12 mm -
LM 761649 DW/610/610 D - - - - - 45 mm68 mm12 mm -
230SM160MA- - - - - 20 mm47 mm14 mm -
24088 ECA K30/C3/W33 - - - - - 15 mm42 mm - -
HM265049- - - - - 240 mm400 mm128 mm -
EE130900D-902ASSY - - - - - - 100 mm21 mm -
771/500 - - - - - 45 mm58 mm7 mm -
T691- - - - - 40 mm90 mm33 mm -
H247535/H247510D- - - - - 20 mm47 mm20.6 mm26 mm
T1605- - - - - 480 mm700 mm100 mm -
LM 767749 DW/10/10 D - - - - - 130 mm230 mm40 mm -
HM261049- - - - - 170 mm260 mm - -
32044 XM-2TS-DM- - - - - 55 mm80 mm13 mm -
982832QT- - - - - 130 mm230 mm40 mm -
23056 E1A-MB1-C3     - - - - - 200 mm360 mm98 mm -
T16021- - - - - 480 mm - 310 mm -
NCF 18/800 V                          - - - - - 25 mm80 mm21 mm -
239/710CAKW33- - - - - 75 mm160 mm - -
TNU05056- - - - - 85 mm150 mm36 mm -
EE420751/421451D- - - - - 70 mm150 mm35 mm -
HH924349/HH924310D- - - - - 80 mm200 mm48 mm -
HM127446/127415XD- - - - - 90 mm160 mm40 mm -
T52- - - - - - 440 mm - -
23156CAW33- - - - - 40 mm90 mm - 49 mm
M 244249 D/210/210 D - - - - - 105 mm260 mm60 mm -
EE420801/421451CD- - - - - - 240 mm55 mm -
HM271149- - - - - 90 mm190 mm43 mm -


7330B MP Needle Aircraft Roller BearingsD:240 mm; Weight:11.100 kg; d:110 mm; db (max):140 mm; Da (max):226 mm; dd (min):158 mm; Limiting Speed - Grease:2,200 rpm; B:50 mm; ra1 (max):2.5 mm; Configuration:Single Row; dc (min):145 mm; Limiting Speed - Oil:2,800 rpm; Dynamic Load Rating:450,000 N; Enclosure:Open; r1:3 mm; Fillet Radius/Chamfer:3 mm; db (min):124 mm; Bore Type:Cylindrical Bore; Radial Clearance:0.085 to 0.125 mm; Static Load Rating:525,000 N;
EE420801/421451CD Thrust Roller BearingD:240 mm; Limiting Speed - Oil:3,200 rpm; Radial Clearance:0.075 to 0.110 mm; dd (min):149 mm; Static Load Rating:445,000 N; Configuration:Single Row; Fillet Radius/Chamfer:4 mm; ra1 (max):3 mm; Da (max):222 mm; Enclosure:Open; Bore Type:Cylindrical Bore; db (max):132 mm; db (min):113 mm; r1:4 mm; dc (min):136 mm; ra (max):3 mm; Inside Ring Outside Diameter:133.5 mm; Limiting Speed - Grease:2,600 rpm;
T52 Tapered Roller Bearing AssembliesCenter Guidance:Fixed Inner Ring Rib; Limiting Speed - Grease:900 rpm; Axial Load Factor Y2:2.37; D:440 mm; Enclosure:Open; Fillet Radius/Chamfer:4 mm; Radial Clearance:0.170 to 0.260 mm; Hole Diameter (do):15 mm; Configuration:Double Row; da (min):278 mm; Limiting Speed - Oil:1,100 rpm; Weight:113.000 kg; Retainer Material:Machined Brass; Roller Profile:Symmetric; Da (max):422 mm; Nr. of Holes:6;
BT2B 332506/HAZ Spherical Roller BearingsDa (min):81 mm; Configuration:Single Row; Fillet Radius/Chamfer:1.5 mm; B:23 mm; Weight:0.569 kg; d:55 mm; S1 (min):4 mm; Limiting Speed - Grease:4,100 rpm; Static Load Rating:121,000 N; C:17.5 mm; Load Center:3.2 mm; S2 (min):5.5 mm; Axial Load Factor Y1:1.48; Enclosure:Open; r1:1.5 mm; Dynamic Load Rating:84,600 N; Constant e:0.41; Bore Type:Cylindrical Bore; da (min):63.5 mm;
M259030T-90054 Plain Bearingsdc (min):86 mm; Enclosure:Open; Da (max):116.5 mm; d:70 mm; Dynamic Load Rating:156,000 N; db (min):78.5 mm; ra1 (max):1.5 mm; Radial Clearance:0.065 to 0.100 mm; Static Load Rating:194,000 N; dd (min):92 mm; Limiting Speed - Oil:5,600 rpm; B:31 mm; db (max):82 mm; Bore Type:Cylindrical Bore; ra (max):1.5 mm; D:125 mm; Configuration:Single Row; Inside Ring Outside Diameter:83.5 mm; Limiting Speed - Grease:4,600 rpm;
HH924349/HH924310D Needle Self Aligning Roller Bearingsda (min):94 mm; ra (max):2.5 mm; Static Load Rating:315,000 N; r1:3 mm; Radial Clearance:0.065 to 0.100 mm; Limiting Speed - Oil:3,800 rpm; B:48 mm; db (max):109 mm; Db (max):172 mm; Da (max):186 mm; Dynamic Load Rating:299,000 N; Db (min):186 mm; dc (min):112 mm; Limiting Speed - Grease:3,200 rpm; Bore Type:Cylindrical Bore; Weight:7.280 kg; ra1 (max):2.5 mm; d:80 mm; D:200 mm; Configuration:Single Row;
LM274449DGW-410-410D Thrust Roller BearingsBore Type:Cylindrical Bore; Static Load Rating:167,000 N; Fillet Radius/Chamfer:2.1 mm; Weight:6.810 kg; Enclosure:Open; Groove Width:3.5 mm; Cy:8.4 mm; Limiting Speed - Oil:4,000 rpm; Limiting Speed - Grease:2,800 rpm; Dynamic Load Rating:192,000 N; Dx:185 mm; Configuration:Double Row; a (max):5.7 mm; da:92 mm; Radial Clearance:0.025 to 0.051 mm; Da:158 mm; ra:2 mm; B:68.3 mm; d:80 mm; Groove Diameter:163.7 mm;
L163149/1 Tapered Roller BearingsConfiguration:Single Row; Da (max):118 mm; db (min):72 mm; r1:2.1 mm; Inside Ring Outside Diameter:77 mm; Limiting Speed - Oil:5,300 rpm; dc (min):79 mm; Bore Type:Cylindrical Bore; Enclosure:Open; d:60 mm; B:46 mm; dd (min):86 mm; Static Load Rating:262,000 N; db (max):75 mm; Radial Clearance:0.040 to 0.070 mm; ra (max):2 mm; Limiting Speed - Grease:4,300 rpm; Dynamic Load Rating:222,000 N; Fillet Radius/Chamfer:2.1 mm;
T511 A Spherical Roller BearingsLimiting Speed - Oil:17,000 rpm; Fillet Radius/Chamfer:1.1 mm; Cy (max):3.3 mm; Snap Ring Outside Diameter:57.9 mm; Bore Type:Cylindrical Bore; da (min):27 mm; Da (max):45 mm; Configuration:Single Row; B:15 mm; r1:0.5 mm; Weight:0.144 kg; Snap Ring Width:1.1 mm; b (min):1.4 mm; Radial Clearance:0.013 to 0.028 mm; Enclosure:Snap Ring Groove wit; Static Load Rating:7,900 N; Limiting Speed - Grease:14,000 rpm;
HM265049DW Thrust Roller BearingLimiting Speed - Grease:4,500 rpm; ra1 (max):2 mm; Db (max):125 mm; Dynamic Load Rating:135,000 N; Bore Type:Cylindrical Bore; B:33 mm; d:65 mm; dd (min):93 mm; D:140 mm; Enclosure:Open; Radial Clearance:0.040 to 0.070 mm; db (max):81 mm; Configuration:Single Row; Outside Ring Inside Diameter:121.5 mm; dc (min):85 mm; Static Load Rating:139,000 N; ra (max):2 mm; da (min):77 mm; Db (min):128 mm; Da (max):128 mm;
618/530MA Spherical Roller Bearingsdb (max):77 mm; Bore Type:Cylindrical Bore; Radial Clearance:0.040 to 0.070 mm; Inside Ring Outside Diameter:79.6 mm; dd (min):87 mm; Enclosure:Open; r1:1.5 mm; Dynamic Load Rating:84,000 N; d:65 mm; D:120 mm; db (min):73.5 mm; Da (max):111.5 mm; Limiting Speed - Grease:5,300 rpm; ra (max):1.5 mm; Static Load Rating:94,500 N; Limiting Speed - Oil:6,300 rpm; dc (min):81 mm; Fillet Radius/Chamfer:1.5 mm;
230SM160MA Needle Non Thrust Roller Bearingsra (max):1 mm; D:47 mm; B:14 mm; Dynamic Load Rating:25,700 N; r1:0.6 mm; ra1 (max):0.6 mm; db (max):26 mm; Static Load Rating:22,600 N; Configuration:Single Row; dc (min):29 mm; dd (min):32 mm; Inside Ring Outside Diameter:26.5 mm; d:20 mm; Enclosure:Open; Da (max):41 mm; Radial Clearance:0.020 to 0.045 mm; Bore Type:Cylindrical Bore; Limiting Speed - Grease:13,000 rpm; Fillet Radius/Chamfer:1 mm;
L357049NW/L357010 C.D Spherical Roller BearingsB:16 mm; Configuration:Single Row; a (max):2.5 mm; Weight:0.239 kg; Factor fo:15.3; D:75 mm; Dynamic Load Rating:20,900 N; Enclosure:Open; d:45 mm; Cy (max):3.8 mm; Radial Clearance:0.018 to 0.036 mm; Da (max):70 mm; Limiting Speed - Grease:9,200 rpm; Dx (min):83 mm; r1:0.5 mm; Bore Type:Cylindrical Bore; Static Load Rating:15,200 N; Groove Diameter:71.8 mm; Fillet Radius/Chamfer:1 mm; Groove Width:1.9 mm;
67986 DW/20/21 D  Plain BearingsRadial Clearance:0.145 to 0.190 mm; ra (max):1.5 mm; Enclosure:Open; Roller Profile:Symmetric; Da (max):171.5 mm; Axial Load Factor Y1:3.66; da (min):138.5 mm; Retainer Material:Machined Brass; Center Guidance:Fixed Inner Ring Rib; Bore Type:Cylindrical Bore; Fillet Radius/Chamfer:1.5 mm; Axial Load Factor Y0:3.58; Constant e:0.18; Configuration:Double Row; D:180 mm; Limiting Speed - Oil:3,450 rpm;
T911 Thrust Ball BearingsBore Type:Cylindrical Bore; Fillet Radius/Chamfer:1.5 mm; Configuration:Single Row; ra1 (max):1.5 mm; d:70 mm; Inside Ring Outside Diameter:84.5 mm; db (max):82 mm; Enclosure:Open; Da (max):116.5 mm; Static Load Rating:95,000 N; Dynamic Load Rating:83,500 N; B:24 mm; db (min):78.5 mm; dd (min):92 mm; dc (min):86 mm; D:125 mm; Limiting Speed - Grease:5,000 rpm; Limiting Speed - Oil:6,300 rpm; Radial Clearance:0.065 to 0.100 mm;
32048 Cam Follower And Track RollerAxial Load Factor Y1:2.78; d:110 mm; Static Load Rating:601,000 N; da (min):124 mm; Constant e:0.24; Center Guidance:Fixed Inner Ring Rib; Dynamic Load Rating:655,000 N; B:50 mm; Configuration:Double Row; Nr. of Holes:6; Limiting Speed - Oil:3,750 rpm; Axial Load Factor Y2:4.14; Radial Clearance:0.100 to 0.135 mm; Groove Width A:8 mm; D:240 mm; Fillet Radius/Chamfer:3 mm; Limiting Speed - Grease:3,000 rpm;



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